Short Stories

Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you...

Genevieve Holloway, shy school teacher, dreams of romance. Is Christopher Fallon her soul mate?

Frisbee, Fiona's pet rat is loyal and as loving as he knows how, but can he put aside his greed long enough to track down an evil-doer?

Make a cup of delicious coffee and perhaps a hot scone with jam and cream slathered all over it, put your feet up and relax for ten minutes with a kooky Australian story!!

Troubadour Merriwether, nerd and loser in love, cannot believe his eyes - or ears -when the most unlikely Fairy Godfather comes to his rescue!

With the help of Ben's pet, Snoz, this Christmas would be one the family would never forget. Snoz had good intentions, but...

When the citizens of Las Vegas become aware of a huge, dark cloud hovering over their city, they are justifiably afraid. Scientists put forth all manner of explanations, religious groups call upon their chosen Deities to save them from what is perceived to be certain doom.

Deep in the bowels of the earth, a second city has been working tirelessly to wreak revenge on the cruel, the abusers and environmental vandals... but who are they how are they going to eliminate the guilty and protect the innocent...?